Limited Lifetime Warranty

What is the Limited Lifetime Warranty

We’re proud to offer you a lifetime warranty on our products.
If your product ever has any manufacturing or workmanship defects, we will replace it. We want you to feel confident and secure that when you invest in Qizhe products.
Warranty applies for Qizhe online purchases only. For in-store purchases, you must register your product first.

What does the warranty not cover?

It will not cover wear and tear instances, such as the device logo wearing off due to normal wear. The warranty does not cover mistreatment or misuse of the product. We reserve the right to refuse warranty replacement if such is the case.

The warranty will not cover misuse, such as Perfectio paint damaged by creams, serums or other substances.

Is the FREE limited lifetime warranty replacement really free Do I have to pay anything

Per the Lifetime Warranty, your replacement product is absolutely free. Your out of pocket expenses may include

How can I extend my warranty?

If you purchase our product at one of our selected retailers, you may want to extend your warranty. Please contact our customer service



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